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How often do you add new MIDI files?


There is no way to accurately answer this questions as there are many factors.

We release MIDIs when we are satisfied that they meet our own high standards. We won't just throw stuff at you so we can keep up with the Joneses.

We release MIDIs when we have secured the proper licensing

In times when revenue is high, we release more.  During slow periods, we release less.

In the early days, we released 20 per month.  A few years ago, that was reduced to about 8 per month.  

However, history is not an accurate guage as to what will be in the future.  When revenue picks up, releases will jump up.

In a worst case scenario, we will never fall less than 1 per month - again, this is a "worst case scenario".

We fully understand that a vibrant and active CYBERMIDI is what keeps members coming back and we'll do whatever we can to keep you as a satisfied member.   The purpose of this FAQ is to ensure you understand what happens in down times - and these down times happen every year.

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